Personal Training



The reasons for stepping into SPARK are as different as the people inside. Some chase performance, weight loss and gain and even to feel like they did when they were younger, fitter and healthier. The one common theme is that someone working with a trainer has made the commitment to become better – to finally be successful.

Our trainers are here for you. They will create a scientifically sound, personalized program to suit your goals. By working with a trainer you are committing to your fitness and health. You are not only setting aside time for yourself to get stronger, more powerful and leaner, you are setting aside time to leave the rigors of the day outside and focus on yourself.

Training Options

Private means you are one on one with your trainer – 100% focus on just you. You will move at a speed and skill level appropriate to your current fitness level and according to your individual results-driven goals.
Your trainer will tailor a path that is efficient and effective specifically designed to help you achieve what you have set out to do while fixing injuries and improper movement patterns.

This is a great way to get fit and spend time with a spouse or small group of friends. The time would be spent in pursuit of your fitness goals with individualized attention and direction but slightly less personalized. It does, however, provide an atmosphere with extra motivation and of course some friendly competition.

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  • "It is my new home away from home. It is honest, down to earth and a place to be real, just like the owner-Kim Layton. Great for all levels of fitness! Inspiration, hard work and a sense of accomplishment are always found there."

    Karla Marie