Early Season Metabolic Conditioning for Runners

Now that strength has been gained in the offseason it is time to start getting fast and fit. Early Season Metabolic Conditioning for Runners (Level 3) is designed to transition your strength gains into the running season. We will do this by incorporating two new forms of training in addition to our basic strength and core. First will complete run drilling, a technique focused education on running form. We will then complete interval based training targeting the energy systems used in running. As always our focus will be on progressive goal-based workouts with quality movement and education. Time to get out of the gym and transition into the outdoors!

Prerequisite: Strength Training for Runners level 1 or 2.

Who is this for:

  • Transition season and early season Runners Injured runners (minor running injuries)
  • Chronically injured Runners Active individuals looking to learn proper interval training

Who is this not for:

  • Individuals new to running or strength training (See our Crush Your 5km programs)
  • Individuals who currently have a significant injury


  • 1x/week every Monday or Wednesday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


  • The Bridge South and Spark Facility (2nd Floor of the Kinsmen Twin Arenas located at 1979 – 111 Street NW)

Price: $20/session or $240 for 6 weeks.

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