Hannah ZabolotniukMassage Therapist


I graduated from the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program at Makami College and am currently attending MacEwan University for Acupuncture. My passion for healing the body first came from a personal injury as a child. To heal myself, I took up a yoga practice and had help from a physiotherapist and massage therapist throughout my rehabilitation. While I still struggle with back pain from my injury, I continue to attend regular body maintenance appointments and continue my regular yoga practice. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from regular massage therapy appointments to keep the body running smoothly and to prevent injury. Massage therapy is an amazing preventative tool. Body therapy helped me so much that I wanted to find ways I could share this with other people.

After taking my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, I wanted more understanding of how the human body worked. Massage therapy was a natural choice to deepen my understanding and knowledge of how the muscles and systems worked within the body. Massage Therapy allows me to work with muscles and musculoskeletal pain issues, but I now want to learn to work with the body as a whole, which is why I have chosen to further my studies and take Acupuncture. I truly believe in the power of healing through massage and alternative healing modalities; the benefits go beyond the superficial body and are both physical and emotional. I understand the importance of movement and mobility within one’s life and want to support the healing journey to better movement and performance for my clients. For me, better movement allows me to do the things I love such as yoga, spin class, weightlifting, nature walks, and snowboarding. I want to live a long life of physical activity at all ages.


  • Massage Therapy


  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Weight lifting
  • Snowboarding