Nutrition and Your Fitness Goals

Dynamic and focused training makes one half of an athletic body. The other half is created through consistent healthy eating, and performance-based fueling. Whether you want to be faster, stronger or to build endurance, if you want to lose fat or to gain muscle – your diet plays a key role in all of your health and fitness related goals.

Our in-house Registered Dietitian, Emily Mardell, counsels athletes on optimal nutrition for exercise training (matching nutrition to training phases and goals), competition, and recovery, weight management, hydration, immunity, disordered eating, travel nutrition, supplementation, and more!

  • “Working with Emily was a super fun and inspiring experience for me!  I learned a great deal in a short amount of time that I continue to use today.  Emily provided some easy, great tasting recipes that I didn’t have to ask my wife to help with, and I dropped 3.6% in 30 days.  Some hard-work combined with some nutritional intelligence coming from Emily proved to be a great combo!  Thank you, Emily!”

    William Diesel

Nutrition Counselling for Individuals

Personalized eating plans are essential to the management of nutrition-related conditions. Low iron, high-cholesterol, gluten intolerance, and food allergies, just to name a few, often negatively impact health. Emily coaches clients to overcome nutrition challenges and reclaim the power of food to fuel your best self.

Nutrition Education for Teams

Also available is nutrition education and planning for teams, corporate programs, and community groups. Emily develops and facilitates nutrition presentations, demonstrations, and events on various topics related to nutrition for wellness and performance.

Nutrition Package Options


    60-minute one-on-one nutrition counseling session.

    • Collaborate with Emily to learn, problem-solve, and action plan.
    • Tackle nutrition-related challenges (e.g., low iron, digestive woes, food allergies etc.) that impede your goals and food joy.

    4-week challenge designed to reset your relationship with food, fuel performance, and improve body composition.

    • One, 60-minute one-on-one “kick-start” session. Explore nutrition 101, meal plan basics, and goal-setting activities.
    • IGNITE meal plan and PRE- & POST-challenge body composition analysis.
    • Two, 15-minute one-on-one behaviour change coaching sessions.

    6-week nutrition program for beginners, fitness enthusiasts and athletes with specific health, weight and/or performance targets.

    • A custom nutrition plan to achieve health and/or performance goals.
    • Three (3), 60-minute one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions and PRE- and POST-program body composition analysis.


Sport-Specific Fueling

Custom Meal Planning

Behavior-Change Coaching