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Spark Sport Conditioning – Home of CrossFit Alberta – is where the weak become strong, the average become awesome, where strangers become family and more importantly where hundreds of Edmontonians have escaped a damaging, sedentary lifestyle to become healthy and fit.
Your curiosity has started a search for something different than the same old treadmills and machines you find in health clubs. You have found CrossFit Alberta and you have found SPARK.
At SPARK, people regularly push themselves to their limits both physically and mentally. They have broken free of the habits that cause disease and have successfully begun a lifestyle that will enable them to not suck at life. They are no longer bound by pain, weakness and physical limitations.

Do we work hard? Yes. Harder than most could ever imagine BUT we work up to this through proper smaller steps and achievable goals along the way. Is SPARK for everyone? No. But it can be if you are willing to put in the effort and time and if you are ready to make a change. We will put you on course to gain strength, increase cardio capacity, lose fat, gain lean body mass and become a better you. And we can promise you’ll have fun doing it.

Choosing a Fitness Facility is not something that should be taken lightly; not all gyms are created equal and we consider ourselves the best in the business. We have been in operation longer than any other facility that offers CrossFit in Edmonton. Our facility is second to none in every aspect, our training staff has more experience and education than you will find anywhere else and we provide our members with unparalled programming and coaching.


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